Building for Our Future

The campaign for the renovation of Schoolhouse and the Music Building and the construction of a STEAM Wing and Performing Arts Center
Creating environments to support how girls learn best and to prepare them for their future.
“The Schoolhouse Campaign will address future needs by providing the resources, technology, and physical spaces to better reflect our pedagogy of holistic learning as well as the latest tools so that our teachers can continue to deliver a transformative education to our students.” - Marion Couzens, Director of Institutional Advancement

10 Year Campaign

List of 4 items.

  • Phase One: Music Building

    The Music Building will be restored to its original purpose to accommodate the School's music program. A music hall, an ensemble room, and practice rooms will better support our music students.
  • Phase Two: STEAM Wing

    A new STEAM wing will allow for expanded and improved learning and innovation spaces in support of Foxcroft's STEAM curriculum.
  • Phase Three: Performing Arts Center - Foxhound Auditorium

    The arts addition will support the relocated visual and performing arts and will provide a larger, highly flexible space for Foxhound Auditorium, along with theatre support spaces and a scene shop. New gallery space for exhibits will be included. 
  • Phase Four: Schoolhouse Renovation

    Schoolhouse is at the heart of our mission. It is where academic challenges and learning opportunities meet creativity and exploration. This is where young minds are stretched and skills are developed that empower each student to reach their personal best. Foxcroft will see much needed updates and renovations to:
    • The Innovation Lab 
    • Main Academic Wing
    • Visual Arts Wing
    • The time is now to Build for Our Future

— Charlotte Haxall Noland, Founder

“Give us the tools we need and we will give the world fine women.”

— Head of School Cathy McGehee

“Studies have shown that in highly successful organizations, people feel their work has purpose and they are able to make a difference by what they do.”

— Katherine C. Hastings '78, Chair, Board of Trustees

“Advancing Foxcroft's mission by providing a challenging academic environment for girls, enhancing our beautiful campus and facilities with the renovation of Schoolhouse and the Music Building and the construction of a performing arts center, and ensuring a financially healthy and inclusive school are our foremost priorities in the new plan.”

Why Now?

Our building must reflect the learning that is happening within

List of 3 items.

  • Adapting for the Future

    This initiative will enhance the Foxcroft experience by creating both learning and community environments that better reflect our adaptive, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and hands-on programming. To continue as a leader in girls education, we need flexible spaces that allow us to provide the transformational education we are known for in new and evolving ways.

    • Our current programming has outpaced and is outgrowing the spaces we currently have.
    • Learning environments should evolve and better reflect our adaptive, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and hands-on programming. This is how girls learn best.
    • Provide resources for careers that don’t exist yet; adapt to evolving opportunities for women and career trajectories.
  • Financial Responsibility

    Schoolhouse is at the precipice of financial burden. Soon, it will cost far more to maintain the building than it would to re-invigorate. To remain good stewards of the gifts and support from generations of donors before, we must improve the function of our main academic building, the heart of our campus, to keep pace with the growth and advancement of our other buildings and of our academic program.

    • Schoolhouse is becoming more expensive to fix, than to renovate.
    • We need to be good stewards of the gifts/support that has come before us
  • Staying Competitive

    It will allow Foxcroft to continue to attract students and teachers of brilliance, personality, and enterprise, as well as provide them the resources they need to excel.

    • Continue to attract the right kind and number of applicants.
    • Recruit bright minds as educators.
    • Provide the resources for faculty and students alike to excel.

Funds Raised to Date of $65m

Thank you for making an impact on our students' futures through your support.


List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Marion Couzens

    Marion Couzens 

    Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Photo of Hayley Munroe

    Hayley Munroe 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Photo of Laura Booze

    Laura Booze 

    Director of Advancement Services
  • Photo of Milisa Johnson

    Milisa "Milisa" Johnson 

    Director of Constituent Engagement
To find out more about this campaign, to share your thoughts and Schoolhouse stories, or to make a gift in support of the campaign, please email or call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 540.687.4510.
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